Unchain my heart


As far as in 2048 what would the state of the art be? How would we run our own things and businesses? Let us tell you a story, a fiction story, perhaps a science fiction story. Or rather software fiction story. Back in 2008 a guy created Bitcoin. To run Bitcoin, a general ledger was necessary — Blockchain. Blockchain is a public ledger for transactions — potentially, any types of transactions. Imagine someone taking this further, one level or two further. Blockchain will rock the world as we know it from the foundation. Banks, notaries, public authorities, institutions — any 3rd party trust authority — much more than regular industry companies will be on the brink of disaster. Imagine in 2048 a world entirely based on Blockchain where every transaction is tracked, open, and verifiable by everyone. Imagine a world in which everyone dresses RFID tags and is connected to the Blockchain. Your steps are tracked (well, much of it happens today too!), your position is known, your actions are recorded. Imagine a world in which computers carry on most of boring tasks of life — making decisions for you, driving cars for you, booking flights for you, buying things for you, writing much of the software for you. Imagine a world in which only thoughts and dreams are yours and only pleasant things. (No, we don't expect computers having sex on behalf of you, not even in 2048!) Would it be a dystopia or utopia? A world without fraud, jealousy, crime. A world full of honesty, freedom, love, and the two things together (yes, free-love much of what hippies tried with sex in the 70s). Time will tell, but time flies. Unchain your heart, let it set you free.

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Dino Esposito

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Dino Esposito authored over 20 books and 1000 articles in a so far 25-year-long career, gave 500+ conference talks and delivered no less than 10,000 hours of training. It is commonly recognized that his books and articles helped the professional growth of thousands of .NET and ASP.NET developers and software architects worldwide. Currently, Dino is Corporate Digital Strategist at BaxEnergy and practices with renewable energy and artificial intelligence. Next book is "Introducing Machine Learning in .NET". Get in touch at youbiquitous.net.

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