The nuances of Mono applications debugging


One of our tasks for this year is to make the already existing legacy project (WCF, Web API, MVC, Web Forms) a cross-platform one (a rather classic task). However, the process of moving apps to another platform inevitably causes lots of problems. One of the first problems we would like to discuss is the Mono applications debugging. The main goal is to make the Mono applications debugging process convenient and to understand how exactly this process happens.

In this talk we'll consider the following technologies:


  • Soft Debugger;
  • GNU Debugger for solving low-level problems;
  • LLDB;


  • Mono Log Profiler;
  • Valgrind;
  • HeapShot;

We'll also compare these solutions with the analogues used to debug classic .NET applications and .NET Core.

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Elizaveta Golenok
Elizaveta Golenok


Elizaveta is a leading developer at MTS Information Technologies. Has got experience in developing and designing systems both in C/C++ and C# ASP.NET, Mono (from navigation systems to enterprise solutions). Is into route planning and multi-agent systems, compilation, LLVM, Clang, low-level debugging of applications, P/Invoke and Mono.

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