Challenges of Managing CoreFX repo


CoreFX repo for .NET Core is a large repo with unique challenges to handle bugs, contributions, triage issues, etc. Its size is a challenge to monitor due to high traffic. This talk will explore some of the key challenges our team encountered and how they were handled.

Among other things, the talk will cover implementing distributed monitoring model with distributed responsibilities per repo areas, responding to new API proposals, leveraging API usage data to make .NET Core decisions. Also, it will explain why sometimes it’s better not to make perf improvements into the code base and explore how being open-source is shifting our engineering culture and challenges our engineering practices and responses on GitHub.

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Karel Zikmund
Karel Zikmund ziki_cz


Karel is a Software Engineering Manager on .NET Framework team / .NET Core team at Microsoft. He spends most of his time at his job as a community manager of CoreFX repo and as a manager of a few CoreFX areas like Networking, Crypto, Collections, Process, etc.

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