Type providers: painless and simple


Newtonsoft.Json is the most popular package in NuGet. On the third place, right beside it, is Entity Framework. It shows quite well how often .NET developers do various data processing. For every data type there is its own library, as well as a great amount of wrapper classes, which you have to write to get all advantages of strong typing. It is to be done for every single new data source. However, F# offers us another solution of this everlasting problem — type providers. The solution allows us to simplify the work with any data types as much as possible and to get rid of writing and maintaining wrapper classes. What is more, you can solve totally different problems, like making complex graphs and working with neural nets with F# tools. If you want to find out how to use type providers, what problems they can solve, how do they work, and how to write your own provider to solve your tasks — come and join us in this talk. No prior F# knowledge needed.

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Roman Nevolin
Roman Nevolin nevoroman


Software engineer working with data in scientific projects in EPAM. Roman is engaged in research in the field of machine learning and developing its own machine learning tools.

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