Akka Streams for mere mortals


How can we just in a few lines of code display a live stream of Twitter messages, extending them with weather forecast in the locations of tweet authors? And how can we limit the number of requests to the weather service, so they won't blacklist us? All of this you can see in the demo that will conclude the presentation. And prior to that we will cover the basics of Akka Streams — a technology that makes processing live streams of data as simple as writing LINQ expressions, without hand-written implementation of individual actors or Reactive Streams interfaces.

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Vagif Abilov
Vagif Abilov ooobject


Vagif is a Russian/Norwegian developer working for a Norwegian company Miles. He has about three decades of programming experience, currently focusing on building systems in F# and C#. Vagif is a frequent speaker on software conferences, a contributor to some open source projects, and maintainer of Simple.OData.Client.

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