Apache Kafka and reactive microservices with .NET Core


Apache Kafka is a quite popular open source platform for message streams processing. Distributed log abstraction that Kafka is based on gives us an opportunity to use it as a queueing system, but at the same time gives some very useful perks, which even ESB-level solutions are not able to provide.

In this talk we'll cover the main principles on which Apache Kafka is built, we'll learn how and when by using it you can solve problems easily and effectively.

But above all, we'll see how Apache Kafka can be applied to a system that has a microservice architecture and which backends are built with .NET Core and Scala. We'll also revise the wonderful Reactive Extensions library and we'll see how by using the reactive approach we'll be able to keep the code simple, reliable and highly powerful.

And of course, we won't forget about the numerous aspects and nuances which always follow the process of creating microservice applications with such set of technologies. Here we'll share our big project experience which, as we hope, will let you quickly take in the situation if you need to solve similar problems.

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Denis Ivanov

Denis Ivanov denisivanov


Denis is working at 2GIS on sales systems and services for advertising. He writes C# code on Windows and macOS, but compiles it and deploys his app on Linux. Denis is recognised as Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies category. He is involved in several open source project and organizes CodeFest conference in Novosibirsk.

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