Functional Programming for C# developers


Functional programming is gaining popularity each day. There are multiple libraries, frameworks and even languages emerging here and there inspired by the functional programming concepts. Immutable state and pure functions, simple and nonetheless rich and elegant composition of basic elements and increased static language safety are a welcome addition to developers toolkit. C# doesn't stand aside but rather gains traction in direction of functional programming. Linq became a daily tool, lambda expressions and passing function as a parameter is a routine now. C# even becomes a cradle for functional libraries such as marvelous Reactive Extension (kudos to Erik Meijer). What are the next functional programming stops that C# might be going to? That's what we'll dwell on in our talk. We will expand your functional programming skillset and will see how to get rid of pesky NRE, how to handle erros in functional style, expand Linq usage patterns and much more. See you on DotNext conference.

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Nikolay Gusev
Nikolay Gusev

Deutsche Bank Technology Centre

Started as a C++ programmer at university and after became a C# developer. Since 2008, he worked at IBS as a leading frontend/backend developer of the corporate Sharepoint portal (oh, this development under Sharepoint 2007). Got into code-craft and patterns which allow producing clean code. Of despair, he wrote Linq-provider to access data stored in Sharepoint-lists. Then he joined JSC DRAGA and developed a system for holding shareholders' meetings of major Russian JSCs like Gazprom, Mosenergo, etc. Also was a full-stack developer, used ASP.MVC, WPF, WCF, TypeScript and got interested in F# and functional programming, being inspired by the new ways of doing things that allow creating a clean, concise and maintainable code. Has been working at Deutsche Bank since 2015 as a developer of trading UI. Being into F# wrote a few functional programming constructs that are going to be discussed in the talk.

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